Justin Bieber Biography

His climb to the top of the music charts seems to have happened overnight, but the Canadian pop-R&B sensation has taken four years to reach the summit.

Still a young man, he has developed so much as an artist that he’s already deserving of a Justin Bieber Biography.

Justin Bieber Biography – The Early Days

Born in Stratford, Ontario, on March 1, 1994, Justin didn’t consider singing until he was 12, after a second-place finish in a talent show in 2007.

“I entered a local singing competition called Stratford Idol,” he says. “The other people in the competition had been taking singing lessons and had vocal coaches. I wasn’t taking it too seriously at the time, I would just sing around the house. I was only 12 and I got second place.”

Soon after, the only child from the marriage of the now-divorced Pattie Mallette and Jeremy Jack Bieber started posting videos on YouTube for family and friends to enjoy.

However, videos of him covering songs by artists such as Stevie Wonder, Ne-Yo and a star that was to have a major influence on his career, R&B singer/songwriter Usher, attracted a few more hits than expected – about 10 million more!

But this Justin Bieber Biography subject also came to the attention of former So So Def marketing executive Scooter Braun, who would soon fly the now 13-year-old to Atlanta to meet with colleagues at the Raymond Braun Media Group.

Bieber says, “I put my singing videos from the competition on YouTube so my friends and family could watch them. But it turned out that other people liked them and they started subscribing to them. That’s how my manager found me. He saw me on YouTube and contacted my family and now I’m signed!”

It was seven months after first posting on YouTube that Braun – checking up on another artist – mistakenly clicked on a Bieber video. But he was quickly convinced he had uncovered a musical gem.

Justin Bieber Biography – Deal Me In

Braun realized he had to get to Bieber swiftly, before anyone else spotted this obvious talent. He located Bieber’s mother, Pattie, and asked her permission to take her son to Atlanta. Initially reluctant, Pattie allowed Braun to fly Justin to Georgia to record some demos.

“Right when we flew into Atlanta, Scooter drove us to the studio and Usher was there in the parking lot,” recalls Bieber. “I went up to him and was like, ‘Hey, Usher, I love your songs, do you want me to sing you one?’ He was like, ‘No, little buddy, just come inside, it’s cold out’.”

But Usher was also quickly convinced of Justin’s star qualities when he saw the youngster’s self-made videos, noting that the kid had taught himself to play drums, guitar, piano and trumpet.

“A week later Usher flew me back to Atlanta,” says the star of this Justin Bieber Biography. “I sang for him and his people and he really wanted to sign me then and there, but I still had a meeting with Justin Timberlake, who also wanted to sign me. It turned out Usher’s deal was way better.”

Usher arranged an audition with Antonio ‘LA’ Reid, of Island Def Jam Music Group, and, suitably impressive, Bieber was signed to Island Records in October 2008.

Justin Bieber Biography – Moving On Up

Late in 2008, Bieber and his mother – who still travels with him –made the move to Atlanta, where he still lives, and Braun officially became his manager.

His first single, One Time, made a big impact. Released in July 2009, the song made number 12 on the Canadian Hot 100 during its first week before hitting the heights of 17 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

One Less Lonely Girl was an iTunes exclusive release three months later, although it was released to more websites and radio in November and peaked at 15 in the US charts and 10 in Canada.

Two more singles from his upcoming debut album, My World, were brought out – Love Me and Favourite Girl – but without as much sales success.

The first half of a two-album debut, My World came out in November, with production credits from the likes of Tricky, who was behind the smash hits Umbrella for Rihanna and Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) for Beyonce.

Generally well received, the album topped the Canadian charts and peaked at five in the US Billboard 200. My World has since gone on to become a Platinum seller in the USA, Canada and the UK – adding more weight to the need for a Justin Bieber Biography.

My World 2.0 – the second half of his two-album debut – hit the stores in March of 2010, but was preceded in January by Billboard Hot 100 top five single Baby, featuring Ludacris. Digital singles Never Let You Go and U Smile followed, before April 2010 saw Somebody To Love brought out as the album’s second single. U Smile became the third track released in August this year.

Justine Bieber Biography – There’s Much More To Come

Bieber started working on his follow-up album in July, with British singer/songwriter Taio Cruz contributing songs for the 2011 release, while hip hop legend Dr. Dre produced two songs with Bieber in July.

But the prodigious talent is not sticking solely to singing as witnessed by his September 2010 appearance on CBS crime series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, where Bieber guest starred as a ‘troubled teen’. He will be a recurring character on the television show.

A 3D film about his life is also in production, with a February 2011 release date set for the John Chu-directed movie.

With so much more to come from the young man, a revised Justin Bieber Biography will certainly be needed soon. But the star himself just wants to be a role model for other kids.

“I’m looking forward to influencing others in a positive way, “he says. “My message is you can do anything if you just put your mind to it. I grew up below the poverty line; I didn’t have as much as other people did. I think it made me stronger as a person; it built my character.”


Justine Bieber-practice questions

Read the text above and fill in the chart with the correct information of the person discussed in the text:


1 Complete name  
2 Place and date of birth  
3 Nationality  
4 Profession  
5 Music genre  
6 Name of parents
  1. Father:
  2. Mother:
7 Name of the competition he joined and ended as a runner up  
8 Name of his manager  
9 How the manager found him  
10 The musical instruments he can play  
11 Where he made song demos  
12 Famous singers who want to be his producers  
13 Name of his producer  
14 Name of his record company  
15 Name of his first album  
16 What he wants to do for teenagers  
17 His motivating message  

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